Cilwendeg Shell Hermitage Pembrokeshire

Hidden Gems of Pembrokeshire

Hidden Gems of Pembrokeshire

The Cilwendeg Hermitage – Pembrokeshire

A short drive from Newport along quaint country roads dotted with hedgerows abundant in flowers lies many hidden gems of Pembrokeshire. This particular gem is even a mystery to locals. Many don’t even notice it is there… But definitely worth the visit.

The small grotto of Cilwendeg built in the 1820s is not your average building. The walls are encrusted with shells and crystals from floor to ceiling. Taking the treasures of the sea and transforming a small space into a fantastic piece of historical Gothic architecture. Originally created as a recreational reading room and quiet space of contemplation for Morgan Jones the Younger who inherited a great fortune and the surrounding estates from his Uncle.  Cilwendeg is now maintained and supported by donations and has been restored in later year to keep this magical building alive.


We’ll shan’t spoil the surprise, you’ll have to see that for yourself!

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