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What do our star ratings mean?

VisitWales.com is the official international consumer website and organization for tourism in Wales.  Every year an inspector from Visit Wales inspects our property to be regraded.   Businesses that are graded receive a rating between one and five stars based on the facilities available and overall quality of the experience. Each year the Rectory has received the coveted 4 Stars rating year after year for over 25 years.   A Four star rating is one of the top ratings of all accommodation properties in Wales.  (In fact we have been rated closer to 5 stars all of these years.)

There are three elements involved in the processing in arriving at a Star Rating for a business.

1. Quality of the Business

Our Quality Advisers assess every aspect of the business and that score equates to a quality level description.  A scale of 1 to 5 is used – Excellent Quality scores 5 points, acceptable quality scores 1 point.

Excellent Quality: 5 points 
Very Good Quality: 4 points
Good Quality: 3 points
Quite Good Quality: 2 points
Acceptable Quality: 1 point

Once all aspects are assessed, scores are totalled and a quality score for the whole of the business is calculated.

2. Consistency in Key Areas of the Business

The Quality Adviser then checks for consistency in the key areas of the business.  The purpose of this approach is to ensure that one aspect of the business has not, by scoring high marks, driven up the overall percentage into the next Star rating level, giving a false impression to the guest of the overall quality.  It is vitally important that the quality of the key areas matches the overall grade of the business

3. Facility Requirements

The Quality Adviser will check to ensure that any additional facilities/services required at a particular level are present and available, as well as those at all preceding Star Levels.  Research has shown us that the higher the rating, the more facilities and services expected by the consumer.