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Rectory F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Rectory…

1.  How far are you from Central London?
About a five hour train trip…
2.  How far are you from the town of Newport?
Very close… a three minute car ride and 30 minute walk (approximately 1 mile away)…
3.  Do you have direct access to the famous Coastal Paths?
Yes!  We have public access path the .8 of a mile distance over farm lands to the paths and the sea.
4.  How much privacy is there?
We have only farm lands surrounding the Rectory and Cottage…
5.  Do you have nearby Managers who can answer questions or provide help if need be?
Yes.  Our couple Poppy and Dan are just 2 miles away.
6.  Do you have high speed Internet and WiFi?
Yes, we have very fast broad band internet of the highest order due to our new Fiber Optic connection, with WiFi coverage throughout with WiFi….
Are you Pet friendly?
Yes, but please realize that our 1 acre garden is only partially fenced, with farm land all around.  This means that you must watch your pets when they are out or keep them on a lead.
8.  How much privacy is there?
The entire property is surrounded by beautiful farm land, so you have a high degree of privacy.

1.  We have three Barbeques that use propane (we supply it).

1.  How close to Newport Beach are you?
Less than a mile, you can walk there too in about ten minutes.
2.  How do we get to the famous coastal paths?
There are direct access walkways straight to the paths.  There are 200 miles of beautiful Costal Paths going North and South.
3.  We hear there is bird watching in the Newport area.  How do we best do that?
Yes we have World Class birdwatching in Newport.  Just go to the Information Center in town and they will show you all the viewing areas.
4.  Where can we hire bikes in Newport?
Here is the link to hire bikes:
5.  What else is nearby for other fun activities?
a.  The leisure centre and swimming pool is really nice, cheap and free easy parking:    Just 10 mins drive
b.  The Iron Age Fort  10 mins away
c.  The Shire horse farm 15 mins away
d.  The National Garden of Wales, 1 hour away… so much to see for a whole day.  Huge greenhouses. Lots for children to do.
e.  The Scolton Manor  30 mins away…  lots of events for kids
f.   There is a very nice, spacious, theme park about 1 hour away
6.  Are there shops and markets nearby where we can get gift items for family and friends?
Yes, there are a wealth of local craft shops in Newport selling hand made goods like candles, pottery, silverware, jewelry and much more.  There is a Monday street market that includes gifts as well!  The whole foods shop has special gifts and specialty foods too.  The larger towns of Fishguard and Haverfordwest are nearby also.

1.  Is it a good place for children of different ages?
Yes both The Old Rectory and retreat Cottage are very child friendly.
2.  Is it good for Babies and Toddlers?
Yes, we have 2 good strong cots, a high chair and a booster chair.
3.  Are there are stair gates on all stairs for safety?
4. Do you also have some plastic plates and cups for the kiddies?
5. Are there are plastic protectors that go in some electrical sockets for protection?
6. Are there are children’s books for stories and amusement of any age?
7.  Are there nooks and crannies in the houses where kids can play?
There are lots of places all over the house to curl up in, or hide.
There are lots of sofas and armchairs with big cushions to make dens with.
There are big window ledges in the 3 foot thick walls to sit in and play.
There is a whole acre of garden to play in. 2/3 rds of an acre for The Old Rectory and 1/3rd of an acre for the Sunny Retreat Cottage.
There are big trees to climb, a whole little woodland area to play in.
There are large sunny lawns for frisbee or football or other games.
There is the the huge slate table which has been used as a table tennis table.